Wondering how to get internet in rural areas? BetFiery Blaze can help. BetFiery Blaze offers advanced, fixed wireless internet services with coverage in even the most remote locations. Here are a few reasons why rural communities love BetFiery Blaze.

1. A reliable, fast network that can serve anywhere.

BetFiery Blaze provides 99.999% uptime to its customers, which means you’ll have service when you want it. The fixed wireless internet service doesn’t require cables to be run on the ground: instead, it operates through line-of-sight with an extensive network of towers.

Want to learn more about how BetFiery Blaze works? Watch this video that describes how our technology revolutionizes the way that internet service is delivered to rural locations.

2. Easy-to-access customer support.

Have a problem? We have on-site, live technicians standing by to take your call. It can be hard to get customer service for rural internet options, and you may find yourself having to wait days (or even weeks) to get service restored. At BetFiery Blaze, we make sure that you can get the service you need when you need it.

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3. Superior service availability.

Satellite internet can be slow and expensive. We use fixed point internet services, rather than having to rely on satellites or old, degraded cables. For rural internet service, you need a company that can deliver the coverage and speed you need at an affordable price.

We can cover even areas that would be difficult to run cable to, and our service isn’t interrupted by poor weather or other environmental issues. Satellite services, comparatively, can be interrupted by storms that aren’t even in the area. Contact us today and we can let you know whether you’re in our coverage range.

4. Upgrade your speed.

Sometimes you just need more speed. Whether you’re a streamer, a gamer, or just someone who loves to use the internet, we can upgrade your speed without any delay. BetFiery Blaze provides fast speeds to even rural locations, which is something that can be difficult to achieve. Satellite services are going to be slower, and it can take a long time to process a speed upgrade on traditional wired services.

Our network is strong enough to handle entire communities in rural locations, in addition to homes that are far away from the major cable infrastructures. You can upgrade your communities today by providing faster and more reliable internet service to your tenants, or just give a boost to your own home.

Fixed wireless internet, rural internet options, how to get internet in rural areas

5. Get it installed fast.

We don’t need to install a satellite receiver to your home to get your internet up and running, nor do we need to run any expensive wires. You can get our services installed fast, as we just need to install a router in your home. We send out an on-site team to assess your location and your connectivity, so we can deliver the best possible service.

6. Tap into a reliable, advanced network.

Many internet service providers lease their equipment from other companies. And that’s why it’s so difficult to get support from them: because they’re really just a middle man operating on someone else’s system. At BetFiery Blaze, we maintain and manage our entire network, to bring you the best services possible. Since we are in control of our network at all times, we can guarantee our uptime, our speeds, and the reliability of our technical support.

  • Get internet in rural locations with the fast and reliable services of BetFiery Blaze.
  • BetFiery Blaze provides best-in-class customer service and on-site technicians.
  • Without cables or satellites, BetFiery Blaze can get the internet directly to your home.

If you want to know how to get internet in rural areas, BetFiery Blaze can help you find the solution that’s right for you. Are you ready to explore your rural internet options? Contact us today at BetFiery Blaze for a quote.